Solving Outdated Systems

At ELM we are addressing failing engagement, stagnant environments, and limiting expectations


Along the path from elementary to high school, student engagement steadily decreases, resulting in low test scores and poor retention. The typical educational process leaves many students bored and often anxious about testing in a restrictive environment. When students disengage from the learning process, they forfeit the development of the skills essential to success.

Practical application of theory and the integration or critical disciplines through STEM/STEAM recaptures student interest and promotes a dynamic learning community. Our hands-on courses and products are helping to bring an excitement for learning back into the classroom. By making the learning process more engaging, we are working to provide students the motivation and confidence to succeed and play a more active role in their own development.


For decades, our classrooms have remained unchanged. The same chalkboards and desks cannot keep up with the pace of today’s innovations. A changing world demands a more dynamic classroom. ELM realizes that, in order for students to truly benefit from school, they must be engaged in learning. To make this happen, we must make the classroom exciting—a place where students want to be.

Our staff of learning consultants and professional inventors coach teachers on creating custom, state-of-the-art learning work spaces or labs to inspire students, enrich the learning experience, and foster imagination.

While teachers are professionals in their fields and focused on their students, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date on all the exciting technical innovations the world has to offer. Our teacher consultants work help educate teachers of new developments and keep the classroom parallel with the real-world.


Education has become a restrictive process where failure and alternatives are shunned. As many of the experienced inventors and business professionals at ELM will attest, a failure is to be expected and utilized as a learning experience. Students must be encouraged to embrace failure that may learn from the experience, hone their creative-thinking and problem-solving skills, and come to a better solution.

At ELM we recognize that in today’s world, the expected higher degrees are not the only means to success. There are many paths to success. At ELM we have seen what methods and skills are successful in the business and technical worlds and our collection of educational tools and products are designed to bring this knowledge to you and prepare your students for success in a modern workforce.