Our Programs

At ELM we know there is always more than one way to achieve your dream. To help you achieve more, we have teamed up with our partners to create several customizable course options. Every course is aimed at fostering student-fueled design, research, and development.

For your convenience, our curriculum and consultants will be available to you in Arabic or English.

STEM and STEAM curricula integrate the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics to offer and applied learning experience for 21st-century students. Our hands-on programs are focused on STEM and STEAM philosophies and foster well-rounded and engaged students.

The programs and teachers provided by ELM foster collaborative environments, allowing our students to develop their own communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment—valued traits, transferable to real-world workplaces. At the same time, our personalized, project-based learning packages individual tasks empower students and inspire the confidence, knowledge, and drive to succeed in their chosen path—be it personal, professional, or educational.

Our unique, hands-on approach to education reinvigorates the classroom and inspires the creative thinking and problem solving skills that are so highly sought after and needed into today’s world—both in the boardroom and in the classroom.

Instead of using the typical approach of taking the academic and applying it to business, ELM has done the opposite. Along with our partners, we have reverse engineered successful business models and turned them into coursework. By taking proven methods from the product development world and breaking them down into teachable courses and projects, we are able to provide our students with skills applicable in the real-world.