Consultant Support

Course Tutorials

Consultants will train you to navigate our online resources in a virtual or in-person training sessions. Our experts will provide instruction on assembling our learning kits and how best to use our coursework and products to enhance the learning experience. Once you’ve learned the steps, we will run you through the curriculum in an accelerated class session.

Continued Support

Throughout the process, our experts and consultant will help your teachers to draw parallels between student projects and real-word examples of successful entrepreneurship. We will work to provide you with tips and anecdotes throughout the progress of your course to help keep your students engaged and in-tune to real-world technology.

The on-going goals of our support staff are:

•To keep teachers updated and educated on new technological innovations in the real-world
•To enable teachers to explain the development and marketing process of product using up-to-day real-world examples
•To coach in the design and implementation custom maker-spaces in collaboration with students and faculty
•To provide an on-going support team to teachers through the duration of the course