As with ELM, the long-running show, Khawatir, is invested in the education of youth and in the strengthening of learning communities across the Middle East. In 2014, Khawatir and its host, Ahmad Al Shugairi, visited the headquarters of our first partner, Inventionland, located in the United States.

As Ahmad Al Shugairi notes, even the biggest, most ground breaking ideas begin as a small seed of innovation. During this televised tour of Inventionland’s headquarters, Khawatir explores how this company helps individuals grow their ideas into marketable products.

Ideas for invention begin by noticing a problem. By providing education through innovation, we and our partners are encouraging students to be observant of the world and people around them. We cannot help our neighbors if we don’t first notice the problem to be solved. A hands-on education in product development gives students the skills they will need to strengthen their own communities.

Inventionland has fine-tuned its methods for development and marketing of thousands of products, some of which have been featured on Khawatir. These proven systems have been re-imagined in our coursework, enabling students to learn the product development process from start to finish. Through project-based learning systems, students are able grow their own ideas and pursue them from from seed to fruitful tree.


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